About Us

PRO-TEC® is a brand of Welding and Cutting systems from Global Welding, LLC. We develop optimized solutions for major welding industry sectors including; Manufacturing, Construction, General Fabrication, Automotive, Rural and the DIY or hobby welders.

The team behind the PRO-TEC brand are career welding industry professionals, an experienced and elite group of Welders, Welding Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Product Managers and Sales & Marketing specialists that have come together to build PRO-TEC Advanced Welding Solutions. We search the world for the best technologies and products bringing them to North America fully optimized, certified and as complete ready to cut or weld systems.

PRO-TEC Core values and brand promise has three primary components:

  1. Safety: Our products are safe. They are fully CSA Certified for use in North America. Most carry the IP23S Rating which means they are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors.
  2. Performance: Our products are designed by welders for welders with great features and arc performance. There Professional grade, designed to perform at the highest level and built to last.
  3. Value: Product for Product, we will give you as good or better features and performance at a lower price point delivering you significantly more “Bang for your Buck”

Our products are all cutting edge inverter technology, fully optimized for North America, come complete ready to cut or weld out of the box and have up to 3-year, hassle free, industrial grade warranty.

At PRO-TEC, our goal is to simplify and demystify the art and science of welding and to get you welding like a Pro……with a leading new generation of PRO-TEC welding systems.